Hamed Goher’s Museum

Hamed Abdel Fattah Gohar was born in Cairo on November 15, 1907. He enjoyed primary education at the School of Islamic Charitable Society, and secondary education at the Royal High School. Hamed received his baccalaureate degree in 1925, coinciding with the year of establishment of the Egyptian University .
Subsequently, Gohar joined the Faculty of Medicine.Despite his brilliant performance in his junior year, he preferred to turn to the Faculty of Science. There he reached the Bachelor of Science status with first
class honors. What followed was the appointment as a lecturer in the Department of Animal Science Faculty.

An entire generation of Egyptians grew up with ‘ Dr Hamed’. He hosted a very popular weekly television program. It was called ‘Sea World’, in which he highlighted under water scenery with films of the most
various nature.

Hamed Goher considered as one the idols in the Red Sea History.

With his distinctive voice and characteristic appearance Hamed Gohar stays on the mind if Egyptians forever…

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