Shedwan battle heros, Red Sea National Day


January 22nd of Each year, The Red Sea Celebrates the National Day of the Governorate.
This day marks the memory of Shadwan battle 1970 during the war of attrition between Egypt& Israel, The Israeli army ” paratroopers, naval commands” attempted to land on the Shadwan Island trying to occupy it, But due to the stiff resistance on land and the massive air strikes from Egyptian air forces the Israeli forces failed to remain on the island.
Shadwan island is a rocky island in the Red Sea with Shadwan lighthouse to guide ships & located 35 kilometers north of Hurghada city & 325 kilometers south of Suez city, with a total area of 41 thousand square meters. 

This are the names of the champions of the Shedwan battle from Hurghada, some of them died in the battlefield and some of them is alive until now

Here is a short brief about our proudly Red Sea champions:

1-Hamed Atek

2-Ahmed Gadallah

3-Fawzy El Remozy

3- Mohamed Atek ( El Mogrem )

4- El Rayes Abdellah Mohamed saeed

5-Hassan Gadallah

6-Ali Marzok

7-Sayed Ahmed

8-Saad El Romozy

9-Abd-Elmalek Mahmoud Selim

10-Salman Mohamed Hemdallah

11-Mahmoud Meki

12-Moslim Arfat elgretly

13-Hassan Hemeed aoda

Here is a short brief about our proudly Red Sea champions:

First, El Rayes Mohamed Atek and he was famous with (El Mogram) name, which means in English the criminal.

El Rayes Mohamed Atek (mercy upon him) was a sea captain and his word was very important to anyone who works in the sea and in fishing, El Rayes Atek and his brother Hamed Atek participate in the exploratory operations with the Egyptian bolt forces in the middle of war of attrition. Before shedwan battle el rayes atek participate in many battles   against the Zionists, the most famous battle was shedwan battle.

El Rayes Mohamed Atek had a fishing boat that he was getting out with it to do operations against the Zionists, he was sailing his boat from Hurghada to south Sinai where the groups of the enemy were settled there.

El Rayes Mohamed Atek (El Mogrem) confused most of the Zionists enemies because of his intelligence that is why he was really wanted for them and there was a price on his head if any one could kill or arrest him.

He earned his nickname because of his bravery and combative and he was not afraid to facing any mission or operation against the Zionists enemies. A storyteller says that once El Rayes Atek needed to make an exploration mission to the enemies, so he take his boat and sail in south Sinai area and the enemies was very close to discover his mission and arrest him but he put a blanket on the motor of the boat to silent the voice of it and he continue sailing until he reach Hurghada but of course the boat motor was burned.

El Rayes Abdellah Mohamed Saed :

He is the anglers   captain in Hurghada, he participate with the Egyptian army in the Shedwan battle with his amazing knowledge   about the sea routs via the stars. He was helping the army to transport there guns and bombs to safe places and he was helping them to secure the islands where they are settled down there near to Hurghada.

El Rayes Abdellah after the Shedwan battle he do an explore operation after the Egyptian aviation destroy the island because of the settling of the enemies there and he faced them all with his brothers in and after the battle.

El Rayes Abd El-Malek Mahmoud Selim :

El Rayes Abd El- Malek and his brother owned a big fishing boat that after they finished there daily work the go to the Egyptian army barracks to transport them to and from the islands in the red sea, this was before and after the attrition war. They were the most of time donate there boat to the forces to do their operations against the enemy, which most of this operations were top secret.

He participates in Shedwan battle and they continue their participation after the battle by moving the injuries and died bodies from the battle from the island to Hurghada.

 A storyteller says that most of Hurghada citizens participate in Shedwan battle and through the time of the battle Hurghada city was really damaged economically but the citizens insists to live and stay there till after  every thing settle down again.

El Rayes Fawzy El Romozy :

El Rayes Fawzy El Romozy say before about his memories in that era during the Shedwan battle , that this memory was like  his best part in his life and in Hurghada.

El Rayes Fawzy say that he owned a boat him and his brothers Saad and Moslim El Gretily ,they helped the forces to transport the soldiers and their equipment , they were building lighthouses on the Giftun island in south  to El Ashrafy island  in north and this continue till the Shedwan battle .

And he say that during the battle the enemies forces landed on Shedwan island and this time they were transferring the soldiers (bolt forces) in the first day of the battle .

In the second day during the battle the Israel forces attacked El Rayes Fawzy and his brothers and a bolt soldier names Mohamed Essa the take them to Sinai to kill them there. the Israel forces take the boat and they kept them under captive for a month and 22 days , and they were in very dark room in Sinai underground then thy move them to Israel and the still there for  18 days exposed to all the kinds of  tortures . They still in the Israel prison for 2 years and then they were out.

El Rayes Salman Mahmoud Hamdallah :

Mercy be upon him was a boat captain , he helped the Egyptian forces  to know the sea routs and the secure  navigational corridors  to reach all the islands in the red sea to secure the island by build a lighthouses and plant the bombs undergrounds .

During Shedwan battle he participate in the battle by transferring the soldiers   and the volunteered Hurghadians   citizens to the island and then back to Hurghada with the injuring bodies and the died bodies from the battle of Shedwan.

El Rayes Mahmoud Meki :

The hero that refused to leave Hurghada during the time of the battle and he say quote ( that this is our city and our islands  and we will never leave it all my family will stay and fight   because if we leave no one will  protect our homes  and we will fight here till die ) .

El Rayes Meki participate his sons Ali and Hussein in the attrition war   and their ages were not exceeded the 20 years old.

He and his sons went all the time to Shedwan Island to bring food to the soldiers and transfer them if they need and to help them to secure all the islands in the red sea just in case if the Zionists enemies attacked any of them.

El Rayes Ahmed Gadallah :

 El Rayes Ahmed Gadallah mention that the Hurghada citizens try all their best and they donate all their times and money and all what they have to protect their homes and their families and to help the army to destroy the Zionists enemies.

El Rayes Ahmed  tell his story about the Shedwan battle that during the battle  when the Zionists forces landed on the island  and after the attack with their Zionists aviation ,the Egyptian aviation attack them in the island  and destroy them all and then .  El Rayes Gadallah boat and El Rayes Atek boat moved in the darkness to explore the island after the Egyptian aviation attack the enemies in the island.  When they were very close to the island the enemies feels they and they fire their guns on them and most of the people that were working on the two boats and the soldiers too that were in the boats were die. One of them was El Rayes Hamed Atek one of the boats owner and Abu Gaser too after that El Rayes Mohamed Atek Hamed Atek’s brother (El Mogrem) get back with the boat.














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